Why choose us for Gaming Server ?

Cutting-edge Hardware

At Grid hosting, we are responsible to use only latest hardware solutions such as high-speed RAM, powerful CPUs, and data center SSD drives that provide guaranteed performance. We pride ourselves on speed, quality and reliability.

Anti-DDoS Protection

Anti- DDoS is an advanced technology that offers strong two-way mitigation solutions for handling both incoming & outgoing traffic. Before you notice an attack, it thwarts all the malicious attempts by hackers and attackers.

Scalable Services

Your business is special, so we provide secure & scalable services tailored to meet your business needs using right technologies. With our easy & scalable services, you can customize the package according to your business requirements.

Network Latency

At Grid hosting, we provide lowest network latency solutions so you can continue your gaming actions without experiencing any delay. We offer quality peering and optimized routing, which is an essential need of all the gamers today.

Additional Features

Flexible design

With its powerful features and flexible design, our gaming servers are designed to help today’s gamers with full control over the servers. We guarantee to avoid any hardware failures or technical issues to offer the best gaming experience.

Customized game panel

Our customized game control panel provide the best solutions such as integrated FTP server, service monitoring, configuration editor and much more. You will have complete access to your game files so you change anything, anytime.

Instant setup

Our game servers are deployed instantly. Once we create the server, you immediately receive a welcome e-mail with detailed instructions. This makes the process easier and faster, and you can start playing without wasting a minute.

Easy upgrades

Not sure if you are searching for an upgrade or add-on? Or want some instant upgrades? With Grid hosting, you can easily upgrade your game server by consulting with our professionals anytime to get a detailed guidance.

Strong processors

We choose the most suitable and strong processors for game servers to achieve outstanding performance. These processors send all the information quickly to graphics unit and help you manage heavy multi-tasking 24 hours.

Super optimization

Our powerful infrastructure and flexible data center facilities can help you provide super optimized solutions to prevent server attacks. Our game servers are highly optimized to process efficient performance along with regular data backups.

Why choose us?

Scalable services

Your business is special, so we provide secure & scalable services tailored to meet your business needs using right technologies and advanced infrastructure solutions.

Fast performance

Our game servers are highly optimized to process fast and efficient performance along with regular data backups, uninterrupted services and premium network quality.

24/7 support

With our efficient technical support & assistance, we handle critical situations with just one support call. We provide 24 hours help through ticket, live chat and email.

Hardware maintenance

We perform regular hardware maintenance to keep up with latest trends and techniques to make your gaming experience outstanding and to ensure the best results.



Game server hosting allows you to run your favorite games on gaming servers for your friends or family to play on. Our gaming servers are available with managed support and have pre-installed software.
You can choose from wide selection of latest games. We regularly update the lists so you can keep check, if you’re favorite game is not listed here, do contact with our professionals immediately.
Game server hosting is based on cloud network. Our gaming servers are hybrid solution come between dedicated and VPS hosting but on highly optimized CPU node. You can enjoy maximum frequency which allows smoother gameplay.
Our game hosting plans ensure maximum availability of unique features that include dedicated IP so you can run your game on any port you want, you can also upload files through FTP and choose optional console.

Choose the best managed Cloud Hosting experience for your business!