Why choose VPS public cloud?

Uptime guarantees

Our VPS public cloud servers are designed to provide 99.9% uptime guarantees, which ensure that your site is up & active 24 hours. It provides maximum network redundancy that leads to excellence and remarkability to overall operations.

Dedicated support

We provide dedicated support through live chat, support ticket, phone call or email conversation. If you want to implement your own troubleshooting, our informative online Knowledge Base can guide you about every solution.

Command and control

You can have full access to automated backend activities to perform server reboots, IP management, private networking, managing DNS, billing and much more. With everything under control, you can spend more time in managing business operations.

Latest generation

Our latest generation CPUs and different hardware solutions guarantee consistent and strong performance of your VPS servers. Our servers are further equipped with public cloud technology that have cutting-edge processors and high speed RAM.

VPS Public Cloud

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Additional Features

High-end cloud servers

Grid hosting provides a perfect cloud infrastructure solution equipped with high-end VPS servers which is a perfect answer to all your hosting needs. The servers are empowered to provide maximum efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are rampant these days and public cloud technology is quite vulnerable to such attacks, as a result we provide multi-layer DDoS protection that help you maintain strong security, performance and availability.

Full back up

When you need backup for your files or databases, you can simply rely on our VPS public cloud servers that are equipped with lightweight backup software so you can get additional copy of files in case of disastrous situations.

Complete root access

We provide full root admin access to your VPS public cloud, this means you can expect high level of customization as per needs. Moreover, our control panel is also designed simply that can help you focus on managing your website easily.

Secure Environment

To provide extra layers of security to your VPS public cloud solution, Grid hosting is committed to offering advanced security protocols that can protect your websites from malware and other malicious DDoS attacks.

Managed VPS solution

Expect ultimate power & performance with our managed cloud-based infrastructure, which is further combined with state-of-the-art virtual servers that can offer fine-tuned hosting environment with no downtime.



Cloud hosting is a latest hosting technology provided on your virtual servers which have all the computing resources from broad networks of traditional servers.
The setup will be completed immediately after the order is verified. However, some simple verification may take 10-15 minutes to activate it.
Our professionals take care of your hardware, replace broken equipment of components and ensure maximum power, connectivity and network availability but VPS public cloud servers are not managed by default. However, our server management perform necessary upgrades and install suite of software to provide efficient performance.
To manage your VPS cloud, you may require some basic details of server administration. You would be required to administer your operating system you install and configure the applications based on instructions.

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