Why choose us for Cloud Servers ?

Security and customization

Grid hosting is committed to providing advanced security and customization solutions, spam detection, software configuration, and enhanced security settings, so that the server can be tailored efficiently to meet your business standards.

Bespoke cloud solutions

We provide cloud servers that offer fortified security and availability. Our managed cloud hosting is best for businesses that run enterprise-critical solutions for long periods. Our professionals deploy a cloud platform that enable growth and innovation.

Easy integrations

There are numerous apps and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others which can be easily hosted on our cloud solution. Our cloud servers can intelligently handle any kind of CMS regardless of your business size and requirements.

Private networking

We ensure secure connections due to consistently available network and high performing solutions that provide your Cloud Servers with reliable and separate network segment, which are secure from external threats, eavesdropping and spoofing.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Servers

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Additional Features


Our cloud servers are more flexible, fully customizable and utilize different resources such as load balancing, images, firewalls and others which can be added according to your business requirements and perfect for SMBs as well.

Easy to use

You can have full control over the cloud servers. We provide streamlined server management and offer direct connection with all the tools to ensure optimal performance. Our cloud servers are designed to scale your business more easily.

Powerful control panel

Cloud servers are equipped with customizable and feature-rich control panel that allow you perform several functions with a blink of an eye. Our cloud control panel is secure and user friendly that can manage all the cloud computing needs.

SSD storage

Our cloud servers are equipped with solid state drives that give maximum performance and stability to ensure the best results. It significantly boosts performance and improve page load speeds with reduced latency.

Full root admin access

The advanced tools present in our portal offers you full root admin access that further provides full control over all the features. By using our specialized privileges, you can have complete access to files, directories and everything.

On-demand solutions

We provide on-demand cloud server solutions, through which you can turn services on and off according to your business requirements such as the exact computing power you need to manage your business operations.



The term 'cloud' was first coined to describe variety of useful products, but in IT industry, cloud usually refers to scalable, flexible, on-demand and virtualized servers accessible via internet.
Many business owners focus on cost savings, so cloud servers look like the most affordable option. It is a flexible approach to IT which means you can bring new products & services to the market probably with less risk, and introduce fast ways of working.
Grid hosting’s cloud servers offer unrestricted, admin level access in a Windows or Linux environment. Any kind of service or application that runs from a physical or traditional operations server can be usually run from the cloud server.
There is no exact limit set on the number of domains you can host on the cloud. There would be only a few restrictions related to the resources allocated to you because you have full control over your cloud server.

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