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Established in 2005 grid hosting has grown into a leading provider of shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated web hosting.

We have a unique ability to invest heavily in new and advanced technologies. Many of the hosting solutions we offer today are an immediate result of our continuous investment and ongoing R&D. Our team of WordPress experts provides some of the most advanced hosting solutions at very affordable rates.

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Since 2005 we are committed to deliver reliable web hosting by using proper hardware and software solutions for our clients at very affordable prices.


We are aimed to provide the most reliable web hosting solutions that are both swift and Ultra-reliable. Our team's hard work has helped us gain recognition as the top hosting providers in the industry.

About GridHosting

With 15 years of experience, we help our customers to start their online presence with very little investment and at the same time not compromising on quality.
We offer the best colocation solutions that ensure your business-critical applications run uninterrupted.

  • Looking for easy domain registration and transfer? We are there to help you with the right domain name from our wide range of TLDs.
  • Grid hosting offer to buy, connect, transfer, and register your domain with affordable management solutions.
  • Our friendly and expert team is available to resolve your issues.

Why Choose Us

No matter what your hosting requirements are, our platform will fulfill all your needs.

Effortless Email Service

Manage all your IMAP & POP mails, also sync them with any device, it’s secure, reliable, and intended to protect from viruses & spams

24/7 Support

Begin by purchasing the right SSL certificate for your needs. Choose from the three types host and web listed .

99.9% Uptime guarantee

With Grid Hosting you can be contingent with ultra-reliable servers. Your account is supported by the 99.99% uptime assurance and your server never becomes down.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At grid hosting, we guarantee that you will always get reliable hosting, and professional services with competent support because we stand behind our products and services.
We aim to provide 100% authentic, risk-free, fast, and reliable hosting solutions with our flexible pricing. Everyone knows, the longer your site takes to load, the lower your growth rate, page views, and user satisfaction will be.
At grid hosting, your site is hosted on our Swift Server platform. User-friendly, swift, and smart hosting with caching, perpetual security, and easy site management.

24/7 Customer Support

Your account will be loaded with modern versions of the most popular developer tools. We put our close attention to the rising technologies and the upcoming resources.
Our in-house staff comprises committed WordPress professionals to give the best client support whenever you require solutions.

  • That's why when our customers need something, we are happy to tell them, We have it
  • If we have not something you want, just let our support team know, so we can develop it for you
  • Our trained experts are here 27/7 to help you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is an incredible medium that enables access to the head of cPanel. Our hosting plans are controlled via WHMCS or cPanel and you can build custom hosting packages with WHM.
The type of SSL certificate you need to get depends on a variety of factors, including your current location, whether you own a business, e-commerce website or personal website, the number of domains you want to secure, and the kind of hosting server you practice. You can contact our dealer representatives for more details and instructions.
Yes, technical knowledge is needed to run a VPS server. Since this hosting plan offers more power and flexibility than standard shared hosting, its server management is equally sophisticated. It should be noted here that all of our VPS hosting packages are not automatically managed, however, you can go with a managed VPS management plan for simplicity and convenience.
WordPress is the most widely used website builder and content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress provides easy-to-use templates for responsive and customizable websites. WordPress hosting is often the best bid for those who need a completely problem-free hosting solution and do not require much expertise.

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